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Promise Work with Next Period
Promise Work with Next Period

Adjust weekly Promise Period to pin down work and identify upcoming tasks

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How to Adjust a Promise Period:

  1. Clicking on the 'Next Period' across the top of the plan view will either open or hide this blue shaded-area.

  2. Once the 'Next Period' area is open, click and drag the white arrows on the timeline to include the upcoming seven days.

  3. In the weekly meeting or daily huddle, verbally confirm that all tickets in the upcoming seven days are scheduled correctly.

  4. Zoom in until there is a Promise Now button at the top of the Next Period.

  5. Click Promise Now to lock down the tickets with black pins. (Now Basic Users will be responsible for updating tasks and will have to report any variation in their tasks.)

  6. The Current Period will now be the upcoming week of work. Continue the weekly cadence of selecting 'Promise Now' each week in the Next Period to lock in work each week.

Touchplan recommends the Next Period being a seven-day cadence starting on the day of a weekly meeting. This allows the current and next period to always start on the same day, making the work easy to track.

Promising work allows teams to stay accountable in their plan since they can now monitor and improve on scheduled tasks each week. The black pins on promised work will account for a team's PPC (Percent Promised Complete) which can be tracked in reports.

Note: You cannot "un-promise" work once the tickets have been pinned down. If work has been promised by accident, an Admin user can use Snapshots, select Show System Snapshots, click the latest Autosave Prior to Promise Lock, and Restore the Plan. Only use Snapshots if work was recently over-or-accidentally promised as it can overwrite any work that was done since the action was made.

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