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How do I add Cruise Information?

Adding a cruise to your itinerary

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Adding a Cruise to an itinerary is very nearly the same as adding a tour!

You can pull it in straight from the supplier by using the steps below.

Some the information included in the imported cruise itinerary can include:

  • Descriptions of the days and the cruise experience

  • Images related to the cruise, a link to the google map, etc.

  • Port of Call Map & Information

Note: The information pulled in comes from the supplier. Some provide a lot of information/photos, and some do not.

1. Go to the start date of the cruise

Go to the day in the itinerary that the cruise will begin on.

2. Make a Cruise Event

3. Select the cruise provider and ship

A menu will appear, asking you to select the cruise provider and the name of the ship. Select the cruise provider and ship from the drop down menu that appears. For this example, we've chosen Carnival Cruise Lines, and the Carnival Conquest.

4. Select cruise itinerary

Once you've selected the cruise provider and ship, a list of available cruises you can import will appear. Select the one you want and click on Get Itinerary.

This will bring up a summary of the cruise itinerary!

6. Click +Add to Itinerary

If you're happy with the summary that displays, just click on +Add to Itinerary to add the cruise events to your itinerary!

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