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Creating Itineraries & Proposals
Creating Itineraries & Proposals
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What is the Tables feature?
What Are The Differences Between An Itinerary And A Proposal?
Travefy Proposal Terms & Conditions
How to Create a Proposal in Travefy
Duplicating an Event in the Itinerary Builder
Customizing Proposals And Removing Dates
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How To Create a Cruise Proposal With Multiple Cruise Options
Moving Events from Day to Day
Can I link an email address in the notes field of an event?
How to Use Forms for Client Decision Making on Proposals and Quotes
How to Set Up an Itinerary for a Group of Travelers
How do I get back to my Trips list?
Unable to Download PDF on Edge Web Browser
How do I remove the Trip Overview Map?
What is the difference between a "Condensed" and "Expanded" PDF?
What does the "Processing Forwarded Email Confirmations" alert mean?
What are the different options when downloading my PDF?
Why am I missing days in the PDF?
What does the PDF itinerary look like?
How often will my flight update?
How do I add locations to the map?
How to Update my Trip Settings
How can I preview an itinerary for a large group trip?
How to Add Images to an Itinerary or Proposal
How to Delete an Itinerary
How to Add an Additional Logo to an Itinerary or Proposal
What does "Filter By Status" mean?
How can I edit my text?
What is the best size for the itinerary cover photo?
Power Tools on Travefy (Shortcuts)
What if I can't find my currency listed?
Can I rearrange Events in a day?
How to Remove the Website from a Place
Where to Find the Email Forward Confirmation Email
What if I can't find the address or place I'm searching for?
How do I add general trip information?
How do I manually add a flight, hotel, transportation, or other booking reservation?
How do I change the Profile of an itinerary?
Editing a Place
How To Duplicate a Day
How are my trips organized?
How do I make adjustments to the cover image on my itinerary?
Where do all of the restaurants, places, hotels, vacation rentals, and flights on Travefy come from?
What is the People section?
How do I add customer booking confirmations to my itinerary?
How do I Quick-Add Flights?
How to Archive an Itinerary
Adding Large Groups to an Itinerary
Adding Information to an Itinerary
Can I reuse itineraries for future trips/clients?
Why Can't My Client Open the Attachment in the Itinerary?
Adding a Place to an Event
How to add/change a Photo in a Place
How to add an image directly from a website
How to add a phone number within an itinerary
How do I copy a trip?
How do I adjust the End Date on an Itinerary?
Guide to optimal image sizes in the Travefy Trip Builder
Can I add existing travel plans or reservations to my travel itinerary?
How do I review all the clients I have added to an itinerary?
How do I start an itinerary?
What is the ...More button?
Can I Attach A File Or PDF To My Itinerary?
How do I add times to my itinerary?
How do I change the dates of a trip?
How do I delete a day?
Can I Edit the Name of a Day?
How do I delete an Event from an itinerary?
Turning on the Trip Overview Map
How To Add Travel Insurance To Your Itinerary
How do I add a link to my itinerary?
Enabling the International Date Line Feature for Repeated Days(if needed)
How to Add "Check-In" & "Check-Out" Lodging Events
How to Upload Images from your Device
How do I embed a video to my itinerary or proposal?
How do I add a day to a trip?
How to Get Images From Any Website
What is Event Visibility?
What does the red dot mean?
How do I create an itinerary?
How to Paste an Image You've Copied
How do I add a price and description to a trip?
How Do I Remove or Hide Empty Days?
What image file size can I upload?
What happened to the blue navigation bar in the Itinerary Builder?
How do I turn a Proposal into an Itinerary or Vice Versa?
How To Turn Automatic Flight Updates On/Off
How to Add a New Day at the Beginning of an Itinerary
How do I add photos to my itinerary?
How to Find Images from our Database
How to change time format to 12-hour or 24-hour
How to import Bookings into Travefy
Can I preview my client's itinerary before I send it out?
How to Forward Booking Confirmation Emails
Confirmation Email Import Suppliers
How do I remove dates from a proposal or itinerary?
Problems importing booking confirmation emails? Check out these tips!
How to add flights from my GDS?
How to Add a Link to Google Maps in Travefy
How to add a document or attachment to an itinerary
What Does "Out of Sync" on Flights Mean?
How to Add Hotel Information
Trip Invite Saved Messages
The Expanded Trip Sidebar
Information & Documents
The 'Collapse' Button
Proposal Agreement Form