To create a proposal or quote, you can start by simply creating a new trip by pressing Create New Trip on your main dashboard. You can choose to create an "Itinerary" or a "Proposal". Both options will work with the steps below but if you choose the "Proposal" option your client will have the option to "Accept" the Proposal. Read how this works here.

Follow the steps below to create your proposal or jump to the end of the article and watch a how-to video. 

1. First, choose your cover image by pressing Change Cover Photo 

2. Next, click "Settings" at the top to set up the trip name and trip pricing information. 

You can add the pricing information in the Price field and choose if it's "Per Person" or "Total". 

Add any trip information or additional pricing info in the Description

Leave the Trip Start Date Blank. This is important as you will be editing each day name in the next step. 

3. Once you save changes made to the Trip Details. We will begin adding information to the quote. Start by going into Day 1 and press the pencil icon at the top next to "Day 1". 

This is where you will be able to change the name of the day and make it "Option 1" or "Punta Cana Resorts", whatever you would like because once you change this day title, you can create another day and add another segment of the Proposal. Here's an example: 

4. Once you add your segments, you can then go into each "day" and start adding Events. Like this: 

Once saved, it begins to look like this: 

> Click here to see a finished proposal example.

Watch this quick how-to video:

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