When creating an itinerary or proposal in Travefy, there are multiple places where you can add an image. In this FAQ, you will find all ways to upload an image within the itinerary or proposal.

Cover Photo:

To upload a cover photo, simply go into the itinerary and press "Change Cover Photo" at the top. 

In an Event:

You can add up to 5 images at one time in any event that you create. Here's how.

Adding Photos to a Place or Content:

You can add a main place image as well as multiple images. You can use our Image Modal to search our database of images, upload your own, grab images from a website or copy & paste an image from a website! Here's how that works.

Have a photo that is large? You can upload the image as an "attachment", that way your client can expand the entire image when they need to view it. This is a great way to add map images. You can add it to any event by pressing "Attach Documents" at the end of an event.

Need to upload a photo from the web? Here's how!

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