If you would like to add a phone number to an itinerary, you can do this two different ways! See these options below. 

*Please note, your phone number will appear at the top of the itinerary as along as you have included it into your profile. 

1. Adding it in the Notes Field of Any Event

You can always link a phone number within the notes field by first clicking into the event's note field, entering the phone number, highlight the phone number's text and then press the link icon at the top. 

Next, in the link field enter "tel:(enter telephone number)" then press "Insert". This will attach the link to click on the phone number and your mobile device will recognize that it is a number and begin calling it.

2. Entering Phone Number Into Content

You can also include a phone number in any content item. You can manually create your own content or add a phone number to existing content like this: 

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