Travefy offers City Guides to over 625+ cities! Here's how to add a guide to any itinerary or quote. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: To add a City Guide, drag and drop the guide directly into the center of the itinerary builder. You do NOT need to click on "+New Event" to add a City Guide Section. 

1. Go to the Itinerary Builder 

2. Go to the Library tab

Under the Library tab, Click on the City Guides button next to Your Items

3. Type in the name of the city in the search bar

If there is a city guide available for it, it will populate!

4. Add the City Guide to your Itinerary

To add the City Guide, you will drag and drop the Guide you wish to add into any day in the itinerary or to the Information & Documents Section. 

Note: You cannot add a City Guide Section into an Event. You do not need to press +New Event to add a City Guide Section. You can add a City Guide Section directly to an itinerary by dragging and dropping it into the center of the builder. 

Note: If you add the top City Guide, this will add all of the information to the itinerary. Scrolling down will show the sections of the City Guide, which you can choose to add individually.

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