DISCLAIMER : Please be advised, that due to current events in relation to the COVID-19 outbreak, that transportation updates, delays and cancellations  are being made in high volumes.  At this time we would strongly recommend that our users and their travelers please check their mode of transportation's status through their supplier to confirm accuracy.

Travefy users can quickly add flights from their GDS Flight Records. Follow the steps below to simply copy and paste PNR flight records into Travefy to start uploading flights from your GDS quicker than ever!

1. In the Itinerary Builder click +New Event and choose Flights as you normally would. 

2. The Flight window will appear and in the center you will see three options, "Flight Number, Email Confirmation and GDS." Choose "GDS".

4. Copy and paste the Flight Record info from your GDS directly into the box provided. Once you are finished click +Add to Itinerary. This will automatically pull in the flight information for you and register the flights for automatic flight updates.

Please note, the GDS import only works with itineraries/reservations from the GDS and does not currently work with flight availability records, hotels or car rental.

If you have any difficulty with the GDS import method, please feel free to reach out to us at Professional@Travefy.com and let us know.

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