To begin setup of your domain masking you must first purchase the Domain Masking PowerUp. If you have not done so, click here  or email us at for help.  Click here to learn about PowerUps and pricing. Once you have purchased the Domain Masking PowerUp, you can begin following the steps below. 

Domain Masking Setup

You will need access to your DNS controls. These settings are usually located within your website hosting service or the domain name hosting service you use. You will need to be signed in and have account permissions to make changes and add new DNS records.

Steps To Create A New CNAME Record:

  1. Access your DNS Panel / DNS Settings where your domain is hosted or your DNS settings are hosted.
  2. Create a new DNS Record
  3. For "Type" choose "CNAME"
  4. In the "Name" or "Record" field type "trips".
  5. Under the "Value" or "Target" field paste in the URL that is listed on your Account Page. It will look like "". Paste this entire URL into the "Value" / "Target" field.

If you are prompted to choose TTL settings, you can leave TTL settings at the default value.

Instructions to Set Up CNAME Records for Common Hosts:

Checking or Troubleshooting:

Once you have created the CNAME record, in your "Account & Settings" page you can choose the "Test" option under the Domain Masking area.

For further testing you can also use this DNS Queries tool to test if your CNAME record is setup correctly.
Example test:

If the DNS Queries tool can see your CNAME record it will populate a note of it in the list of results. If it cannot see your CNAME record it will note that no records were found.

My Domain Masking is Set Up. How will I see the changes?

Once the Domain Masking set up is complete, you will be able to see your Domain Masking in effect when you view the online, shareable itinerary. Your Domain Masking will automatically display for all newly created trips. For old trips that you created before purchasing Domain Masking, you will want to manually change the Platform to your new domain. 

To change the Platform on any Trip, just click on the Trip and in the Trip Summary to the right, there is a section that says Platform. You can adjust the Platform here. See the screen shot below for reference:

Once you click the pencil icon next to Platform you will see your domain to choose from.

IMPORTANT: It's is important to not change or edit other DNS settings in your hosting/domain account as it can break your website or email.

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Click here to learn about PowerUps and pricing.

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