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How to import Bookings into Travefy
How to import Bookings into Travefy

How to import Bookings from your supplier in Travefy.

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Import your Booking information from your supplier directly into Travefy! You can click here to view a list of our supported suppliers.

This article will explain how to set up the integration and how to import Bookings. In this scenario, we are using GoGo Vacations as the supplier.

First, you will need to enter your Account Credentials from your supplier to authenticate the integration. After the initial credential authentications, you will be able to input your Booking Number to import bookings.

1. Create a booking event

This will open a menu, allowing you to select your supplier.

2. Select Supplier

Select the desired supplier from the drop down menu.

3. Enter your credentials 

Once a supplier is selected, just put in your credentials for that supplier and sign in.

4. Input booking number(if applicable)

Some suppliers will require a booking number or access token. Put that in!

5. Add booking to itinerary

A screen will appear giving you a summary of the itinerary you're pulling in.

Click +Add to Itinerary to add that booking to the itinerary!

Please note: The Events in the Preview may seem out of order. This happens because time zones are not taken into consideration at this stage. Once you add the info to the Itinerary the Events will show correctly based on what you originally input into your supplier.

Worldwide Traveler notice: You will need to set up your WWT account with GOGO Vacations to access WWT credentials. If you have GOGO Vacations credentials, your WWT credentials will be different and can’t be used for WWT. Reach out to WWT for your credentials. Send a request to WWT at Include your agency name – your name –  e-mail address and IATA number.  Once you send this to WWT, WWT will confirm with you your credentials.

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