Embedded Itineraries can be added to any website.  The instructions for adding them are available here.

Sometimes, web hosting sites like WordPress.com will have restrictions around what can be added.  For this particular hosting site you may need to make a few tweaks to make them work.  Here's what you need to do.

Add A Plugin

You will need to add a plugin like Header & Footer Scripts to enable the script to run on your site.  Install and Activate the plugin from the WordPress Admin page. Installation instructions are here.  

Add The Script

Note: You'll need to be in "Text" or "HTML" mode when editing the Post of Page. The itinerary tag will not work if added in "Visual" mode.

Once installed, add the script from the itinerary you want to use to the Footer section in Header & Footer Scripts.  You only need to do this one time.

We provide the pre-formatted code and script for you. Click here to read the FAQ on how you can retrieve the Embed Code for an itinerary.


Below is an example of what the script looks like that you will add to the Footer section in Header & Footer Scripts:

Below is an example of the code that you will copy an paste onto your website where you would like to embed the itinerary. Each itinerary has it's own unique trip embed code like the code outlined in the image below:

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