With dozens of cruise and tour providers, thousands of cruises and tours, and thousands of dates, unfortunately not every cruise or tour for every date gets uploaded from our suppliers to Travefy.

If you are not able to find the cruise or tour you are searching for, there are often identical itineraries that exist for different dates. You can import one of those and change the dates afterwards to reflect what's needed!

Here's how:

1. Import the cruise/tour

Import the cruise/tour for the day that it is available in Travefy.

How to add cruise/tour information here.

2. Change the Dates of the Trip

After you've added the events from that cruise/tour to Travefy, you can change the dates to match up with the version of the cruise/tour you're looking for. There are two ways to change the start date of a trip.

Method #1. Change the date in the Trip Settings

Go to the Trip Settings, input the required starting date in the Trip Start Date, and click Save Changes.

Method #2. Change the date on the first day of the trip

Click on the date of the first day of the trip

From there you can input the required date, and select Move Entire Trip to This Start Date

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