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What is the Library in Travefy?
What is the Library in Travefy?

Helpful information about the Library.

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The Library is a great time-saving tool in Travefy! If you are unaware of what the Library is or if you have never used it, the Library is where you can go to create your own database of unique information. 

Essentially the Library is where you can create and save templates of Events and Places in Travefy, and any of the templates that you created can be dragged and dropped onto any itinerary or quote you are building! After you add a Library item to an itinerary, you can always edit the Library item there for your client.  

Below you will find links to various help articles related to the Library and how you can use it in Travefy!

How to create and manage your Library:

How to add and manage Library Items in the Itinerary Builder:

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