Hey Travefy User!

When you push over a trip from VacationCRM and click on the trip, you may notice a red notification in the Trip Summary saying, "This trip is managed by a different platform than the one you are currently logged into...Go to vacationcrm.travefy.com

Here is what this message looks like in real time:

Why am I seeing this message?

You are seeing this message because you are on the travefy.com/pro platform, which is perfectly fine! 

Here is how to proceed:

  1. Simply click Edit or on the image to start editing your itinerary like normal. 

Please Note: The notification does not affect the itinerary or your ability to edit, add information to the itinerary or deliver it to your clients!

2. Change the platform!  Change the platform to Travefy and the notification will go away. Here is how to do this:

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