Step 1:

Go to a client’s profile page to access their Trips.

Step 2:

Click on the Trip ID number for the Trip you would like to send to Travefy. 

Step 3:

Scroll down to Trip Reservations and click Edit next to the reservation you would like to send. 

Step 4:

Click Search next to "Travefy Booking #" to see a list of your Travefy trips. Select the one to pull. As a note, this will only show the trips that are shared with the VCRM platform

Step 5:

Inside the Edit Reservation Page you can click "Update Reservation From Travefy."

Important Note: You can only send a trip from Travefy back into VCRM that was originally sent over from VCRM. Trips that originated in Travefy can't be sent directly to VCRM. Please contact support at with any questions.

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