If you're using the ClientBase Online or ClientBase Windows integration with Travefy and you receive the error message "Overflow while converting variant type (word) into type (Byte) error" (screenshot below), this is an error from ClientBase's end we would recommend contacting their support via email at Trams.CBsupport@sabre.com or by calling 310-641-8726 and press 2 for ClientBase. This error is caused by too many characters within the Remarks field in one or more ResCards.

In an effort to troubleshoot the issue, you can try to remove some text/characters from areas of the ResCard that might be very long. Once the ResCards export to your Travefy account you can then manually add the rest of the text/characters into the Event's Note field. 

For questions on Travefy, contact or support at Professional@Travefy.com and for questions regarding ClientBase, contact ClientBase support at Trams.CBsupport@sabre.com.

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