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Can I change the domain I use for the Domain Masking?
Can I change the domain I use for the Domain Masking?

What to know if you would like to change the domain you have listed for your Domain Masking.

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1. Go to your Domain Masking settings in your Travefy account

There are two ways to get there!

#1. In Travefy, go to and click your Name, then Account.

On the next page, click Settings and then Change Domain.

#2. In Travefy, go to and click your Name, then Website.

On the Website page, click the little cog in the top left corner.

From there, under the General tab, click on Setup Domain.

2. Change your domain settings

Click on Change Domain again, and then select the type of domain masking you're wanting to proceed with!

3. Enter the domain name that you would like

  • ***You must OWN the Domain Name you are entering into these fields in order to complete the setup of the Domain Masking feature and use for your Travefy account.***

  • You will also receive the following notification prior to saving the changes that you have made to your prior Domain name. You will be able to select Save or Cancel.

4. Change the settings on your DNS panel

You'll be given the information needed to input into your new domain's DNS panel.

If you're not sure how to configure your DNS to your Domain Masking, you can check out this FAQ to help with those steps.

When this has been completed there will be a small green check mark besides this step.

5. Test Settings

After a few minutes, go back into Travefy and click Test Settings. You should get a success message if everything went according to plan.

6. Wait 24 hours

This will give your domain provider and Travefy time to sync up. During that time, you'll notice issues like landing on the Trips page when typing in your domain or you might notice your site's SSL certificate isn't set. This is normal. Don't touch anything in either account. If things still aren't working after that 24-hour period, message or set up a domain masking session to get help from our support team!

If you have questions at any point while trying to set up your Domain Masking feature or feel that you may need assistance please reach out via chat, email or schedule a training with us!

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