Travefy allows you to create proposals or quotes and send them to clients for approval.

Here's a quick walk through of how to start creating proposals and quotes:

Creating Proposals With Travefy

1. Create A New Proposal

From your Trips Page you can click "Create New Trip" with the option to create a new Itinerary or a new proposal.

There are few differences between Proposals and Itineraries:

  1. Proposals allow you to request a client to officially approve your proposal and receive a notification once approved.

  2. Proposals can only be viewed on the web link (there are no app or PDF options.)

  3. Automatic flight updates and client chat are not available on proposals.

2. Building Your Proposal

You can construct your proposal in the normal workflow that you are used to in Travefy using Travefy's Quick-Add options under the "New Event" button or by using the Library or City Guides.

You can also create proposals with or without a date (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, etc.)

3. Trip Settings For Proposals

Proposals offer simplified options in the Trip Settings window. 

4. Sending Your Proposal

You can send your proposal as you normally would within Travefy by:

  1. Copying the "Get Trip Link" and sending it to your client outside of Travefy.

  2. Choosing the "Email Invite Clients" option and sending a professionally formatted email via Travefy.

  3. Add other travel professional to the Proposal to edit by choosing "Manage Collaborators"

Both options will direct your client to view the web-based proposal.

5. How Clients View Their Proposal

Clients can click on the "Sharable Link" or click the "View Trip Details" button in the email invitation you can send through Travefy to view the proposal.

6. Client Approval

Clients can review the Proposal and are directed to choose the "Approve" button at the top of the proposal.

Once the client chooses the "Approve" option, they are presented a window that confirms the details, pricing and default terms of the proposal:

Once the client chooses the final "Approve" button, they will be displayed a confirmation message:

7. Approval Notification Via Email

Once a client approves your proposal, you will be notified by email and the trip will automatically have an "Approved" label displayed on it in your Trips Page. 

Commence happy dance. =)

You will also receive a PDF copy of the approved proposal that you can keep for your records if you wish.

8. Converting the Proposal into an Itinerary

With your proposal approved, you can now select the proposal from your trips page and choose toggle the Proposal as an Itinerary next to the "Type". Click here to see how this is done.

If you would like to keep a record of the approved proposal in your Travefy account for future reference you can always "Copy" it first and then convert the "Type" into itinerary. 

9. Viewing and Managing Your Proposals

You can also easily see what trips are proposals and whether the client has approved the proposal directly on your Trips Page or within the itinerary builder.

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