Travefy offers over 625 destinations in the City Guides Library, but sometimes you may want to create your own City Guide or new guides to cover other destinations. 

It's easy to create your own City Guides!

1. Create Your City Guide Event

On any itinerary—or in the Library—you can create your own City Guide and save it:

In the itinerary builder, click "New Event > Info." In the edit window, choose the sub category of "City Guide." Then add the title of the City or subject matter of your City Guide. In the notes field, add in any text, details or information you would like displayed.

2. Add Photos

In the photos section, you can search for destination photos or points of interest photos to include in the photo gallery attached to your City Guide.

3. Add Places

To add places, at the bottom where it says "Attachments: Type the name of a place" you can add a place to your City Guide by typing in the name.

Finally, you can choose "Save To Library" at the bottom of the window to save it to your Library for future use.

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