Some Travefy users don't build their itineraries on and instead work through White-Labeled versions of the platform (e.g.,

If you are a user that works on a White-Labeled platform, you will not be able to import a Classic Vacations booking while working within your White-Labeled platform and must do so from Don't worry, when you publish your itinerary it will still be White-Labeled! 

Just follow the below steps whenever you need to import a booking.

A. Steps to Follow

  • Let's assume you're working on a trip "Trip XYZ" within your White-Labeled platform 

  • When you're ready to import a booking from Classic Vacations, open a new tab in your browser, go to and log into your account. At this point you are logged into your account and the only difference is that everything is branded Travefy. 

  • Find "Trip XYZ", click on it and then click "Edit" to take you into that trip. (Ignore the red alert on that trip, which is simply explaining it is a white-labeled trip).

  • Now, you import a Classic Vacations booking. (See here for instructions on how to use our booking import feature).

  • Once done you can close the tab and go back to your White Label ( and all of the Classic Vacations booking information will be on the trip, "Trip XYZ"

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