When adding a hotel or place from Travefy's database you may receive rich content like the website and if you wish to remove it, follow the steps below: 

1. First, add the hotel to the itinerary and then click in to edit it by scrolling your mouse over the hotel picture and press "View" button:

2. Next, Click the "Save to Library" button: 

3. Once you save it to your Library, go directly into your Library so that you can edit the Place information there.

To get to the library when working on an itinerary, click "Trips" on the top left-hand corner and then click on the "Library" at the top of your dashboard: 

4. Once in your Library, search for the hotel and click to edit it. Once in edit-mode remove the URL and press "Done Editing"

Once saved successfully to your Library, go back into the itinerary builder and you will see the URL removed from the place automatically. 

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