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How Do My Clients Access the Itinerary on the Trip Plans Mobile App?
How Do My Clients Access the Itinerary on the Trip Plans Mobile App?

Accessing itinerary on the Trip Plans mobile app.

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Follow the steps below on how to send the itinerary to your clients so that they can open and view their itinerary on the Trip Plans mobile app.

Sending the Itinerary to Your Client:

First, send your client the itinerary so that they can access the web itinerary.
Click here to follow those steps.

How Your Client Gets the App from the Web Itinerary 

Once your client has received the link to the web itinerary from you they can open the itinerary on their computer or mobile browser. To load the itinerary in the Trip Plans mobile app your client must go to the web itinerary on their smart phone first. 

Below you will find steps for both pathways:

Opening Itinerary on a Mobile Device

This is the quickest way for your clients to download the Trip Plans app and view their itinerary. 

1. Click "View In App"
Once you email/send the web itinerary to your client, they can open the email on their mobile device and click "View In App".

2. Tap "View in App"
After they tap "View In App", they will be taken to the app store to download the Trip Plans app. 

3. Download the Trip Plans App

4. Tap "Open" in the App Store

Once they download the Trip Plans app, there will be an "Open" button in the app store. They will need to tap on that button and it will automatically load their itinerary onto the app for them to view. Please note, if you have utilized tagging and have made the trip private, they will need to create an account with their email so that they can view the itinerary.

5. Make sure to save the trip to your Trip Plans App

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