When you've completed an Itinerary or Proposal and you want to send it to a client, there are a few ways to do so!

The first step is to click on the big blue Send button in the top right corner of the Itinerary/Proposal.

Once you've done that, you can see the various ways of sending a trip to a client.

Let's go over them!

Get Trip Link

Clicking on Get Trip Link will show you the link to view the trip on the web, as well as the link to prompt you to download the Trip Plans app.

These links can be shared however you'd like!

Email Invite Clients

Clicking on Email Invite Clients will open this menu.

Once you've added a traveler's information and invited them to the trip, you'll be able to see them in the Clients Invited portion of the Send menu.

Hovering your mouse over their name will then show a small pop-up showing if they've viewed the email invite, if they've opened the itinerary on the web, or if they've opened the itinerary in the app.

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