When adding cruises to an itinerary or proposal, you can always look it up in our cruise database like this. However, when adding multiple options, this might not work since the dates can overlap or extend the proposal over a large period of time. This FAQ will walk you through how to add a proposal for multiple cruise options. Click here to see an example of a cruise proposal.

1. Setting Up a New Proposal 

Need help getting your proposal started? View here for a full walkthrough on creating a proposal or quote.  

2. Creating The First Cruise Option

Use "Day 1" For the First Cruise Option by changing the title of the day like this. Similar to other proposals, you can always change the name of the day so that you can use the day as a segment for a certain section in the proposal. In this case, I am using "Day 1" for the first cruise option I am proposing. Here's how: 

3. Adding Cruise Information

To add the cruise information, you will want to add a +New Event into the day and then choose the Cruise option. Instead, of looking up a cruise we want to select "Add Cruise Manually". 

For this example, we added the cruise name to the title of the event and then listed the cruise schedule within the Notes section. To add images, you can upload your own or pull from a website like this

You can always create another event within the same day for additional information like ship info, excursions, flights, pricing breakdowns and more.

To add another cruise option, follow the same steps as above to create other options. 

4. Adding Additional Cruise/Tour/Travel Information

If you would like to include additional information with excursions, trip insurance, terms and conditions, etc., you can always include this within the sections your create, by creating a new segment, or using the "Information & Document" section. This section appears at the end of the proposal.

5. Send Web Itinerary to Client to "Approve" Proposal

Once the proposal is ready to be sent you can press "Send to Others" and then choose "Send Email". Your client(s) will receive the proposal and if they "Approve" it then you will receive an email notifying you that it was approved. Once approved, you can convert it to the itinerary like this

Click here to see an example of the Proposal. 

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