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What Does "Out of Sync" on Flights Mean?
What Does "Out of Sync" on Flights Mean?

Does your flight say "Out of Sync"? Here's what that means and how to fix it.

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If you see a red badge on your flight even that says "Out of Sync". Here's what that could mean:

1. The Flight Number Has Changed

The flight is no longer auto-updating because Travefy could not find from our provider a flight with this specific flight number, from this departing airport, to this arrival airport, on this date. 

How to Fix:
We recommend contacting the airline supplier, support, and/or supplier you booked the flight through to check on possible flight changes. You will need to delete the flights from the itinerary in Travefy and then re-add them with the updated flight information. 

2. The Flight is Out of Order

The flight may have been moved out of order. For example, if you have added a flight departing on June 5 to that specific date and then move it to June 6th, it will go out of sync.

How to Fix:
You can either move the flight back into the correct date/order or delete it and then re-add it while in the correct day that the flight departs on.

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