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Travefy Proposal Terms & Conditions
Travefy Proposal Terms & Conditions

If you are approving a quote / proposal on Travefy, you are agreeing to the below Terms & Conditions

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When sending a Proposal to a client for approval, the client can approve it by clicking on the Approve button that appears in the top right corner of the trip.

When they do so they see this screen, asking for their name and email address, as well as providing some terms and conditions that come along with approving a proposal.

What's displayed above is what comes standard to all users, but you can change that to any custom terms you'd like to client to agree to upon approving a proposal!

Here is the text that is standard:

"By entering your name and selecting "Approve", you approve the quote/proposal to the listed travel professional and you acknowledge that your travel professional may begin making bookings on your behalf as indicated in the quote/proposal. Any quote/proposal or subsequent agreement related thereto is a contract between you and the relevant travel professional, and Travefy is not a party to any such agreement."

You can change this by following the steps below!

1. Go to your Account Settings

Click on your name in the top right corner, and then on Account.

Then click on the Settings in the bottom left.

2. Check Use Custom Terms on Proposals

Just check the box marked, and you can edit the text below to your own terms and conditions.

3. Enter your custom terms

Just enter your custom terms and conditions in the box and they will appear on the Proposal Approval screen!

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