You're able to add travelers to a trip without an email address, however, you can not send the itinerary or proposal with them without an email address.

If you are utilizing the tagging feature and you need to add travelers without an email address, such as children, you can do this by following the steps below.

1. Add Traveler to Your Contacts

First, you will need to add this traveler to your Contacts so that you can add them to any trip you create. To access Contacts go to your main dashboard and choose Contacts at the top.

Next, choose + New Contact on the top left-hand corner. 

This will open a new Contact to create. On the right-hand side you can press the pencil icon next to the name and insert a name. Once the name has been added, press the check mark next to it to save.

2. Add Traveler to a Trip

Once the traveler has been added to your Contacts, go into the trip and add the traveler by pressing "More" at the top and then choose "People". 

You can then begin to add travelers to the trip by pressing Add a Contact and then start typing the name of the traveler who is already in your Contacts. Their name will auto-populate so that you can select it. Once added, press Done and they will be added!

For more information on how to set up a group trip and tagging, click here.

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