When adding group traveler information, you can use the Travefy "Tagging" tool to include different events for each traveler on one itinerary. This will allow you to create one itinerary but generate a different version for each traveler based on their specific events.

Here's how it works: 

1. Add People to the Trip

Open the trip you want to edit, click on the ...More button and then press People. This will open the people window and you can start adding the travelers/clients. 

Here's a video on how to add a person to a trip:

(Pro Tip: Bulk import multiple clients from a spreadsheet like this!)

2. Tag Travelers to their Events

Once your clients are entered into this trip itinerary, you can "tag" them on events that are unique to a specific client. 

To tag a client on an event, simply create the event and in the editing mode of that event go to the People option.  Select "Only Specific People" and there you can type in the name of the client who is part of this event. If all are in this event, you can just leave it tagged to "Everybody" and all clients will see this event in their itinerary.  

3. Set your Event Visibility

Event Visibility is a trip-wide setting that you can set for group trips. You can choose to set the Events - not entire itineraries - as private or public. Click here to learn more. 

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