To add a photo(s) to your itinerary, first create a new Event or edit an existing Event to get started. To add a new event, press +New Event,  choose the type of event it is, and at the bottom, you can upload multiple images to that event.

In the Photo area there are multiple ways to bring in photos!  You can Search our database, Upload your own, add photos seamlessly from a Website or simply Copy & Paste! 

Upload Images from your Device

Once the Event window is open, you will see an area called Photos. You can simply drag and drop a photo from your device in the photo area. You can add up to 5 photos at one time. Or you can click inside the Photo area and select upload.  Here's how this works:

(Click here to view the full FAQ on different ways to Upload images.)

Find Images From Our Database

You can add an image from our photo database (all images are royalty free). Simply click on the photo box and at the top you will see Search. Input a destination or enter in generic search terms for best results. You can select up to 5 photos at one time!

(Click here to view the full FAQ on how to find images in our database.)

Get Images From Any Website

Paste or type in the address of any website and we can pull in the photos from the site for you to use. You can select up to 5 images at one time. 

(Click here to view the full FAQ on how to add images from a website.)

Paste an Image You've Copied

Right-click on any image, anywhere, and choose "copy image" then come here and paste it into the textbox below.

(Click here to view the full FAQ on how to copy and paste images in Travefy.)

Your images will appear on the Trip Plans mobile app, URL shareable itinerary, and the PDF. (See below for examples).





  • All photos must be a .jpg, .png or .gif file type. 

  • Per our Terms of Use only use images you have the right or license to use.

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