If you are looking to add manual lodging details to your itineraries and proposals, you will want to remember to add both "Check-In" and "Check-Out" events to their respective dates. You will not be able to enter both under one event. 

To see how to add both the "Check-In" and "Check-Out" events to your trips you will want to follow these steps: 

1.  Once in your selected trip, you will want to go into the specific date that you would like to add a lodging event to.

2. Once in that specific date you will want to add an event and select the lodging option.

3.  Once the Lodging tab is selected, a box will open, which you will then want to scroll to the bottom of and select the "Add Lodging Information Manually" option. 

4. Another box will appear in which you will be able to enter the details of the lodging for your client. 

5. You will be able to select the option of whether this will be a "Check-In" or "Check-Out" event. With the rest of the lodging information, you will also be able to add the Check-In and Check-Out times.

6. Once you have entered in the rest of the lodging information you will want to save this event to your trip.

7. You will want to remember that if you only entered in one lodging event (i.e. Check-In) you will want to enter a second lodging event for the alternative event (i.e. Check-Out). 

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