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Marketing Profiles: Best Practices For Best SEO Results
Marketing Profiles: Best Practices For Best SEO Results

Use these best practices to get the best search engine optimization results with your Marketing Profile.

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As you get started with your free Marketing Profile from Travefy, use the tips below to make a visually stunning profile with great information—that gets great results in search engines!

1. Fill out all of your profile information.

Don't forget that clients want to see something professional and reputable.

Make sure your professional headshot photo, logo, accreditations, and website are all up to date.

2. Include a descriptive and helpful bio section.

Search engines are doing a better job of understanding what users are looking for.
Be sure to create a comprehensive, detailed and descriptive bio section.

We recommend including information on your background, what makes you unique as a travel advisor, your specialties in the travel industry, and a few personal notes about your passion.

  • Use descriptive keywords and terms (foodie, history, wine, Portugal, etc.)

  • Highlight where you are from/where you live

  • Note your background and past experiences that are relevant

  • Speak to what makes you passionate about travel

  • We recommend at least 2-3 paragraphs in length

3. Create content-rich featured trips. 

Create three sample trips that can really knock your potential client's socks off. This is where you can shine and show your expertise. 

  • Add hotels recommendations, tips on restaurants or POIs. Include suggested activities, tours, excursions. 

  • Make it unique, and highlight the experiences and expertise that only you can offer.

Worried about giving too much away? 

  • No problem, just edit out any information that you don't want to giveaway to clients until they are confirmed for the trip. 

  • You can remove vendor names, hotel property contact details, etc. 

On your featured trips make sure they have lots of beautiful photos and videos added in to really keep your audience engaged.

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