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Account & Settings
Account & Settings
Can I share my Travefy account with other users?
How are Service Credits calculated?
Operating Systems and Browsers
How to purchase a subscription to Travefy
How can I get rid of the "Too Many Users" Notification in my account?
How to change your Account Email
How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication for your Travefy Account
Starting in August 2021 Travefy will no longer support Internet Explorer 11
What is the difference between the Profile, Marketing Profile and Website?
Where can I find my Travefy Receipt?
How do I set up my Free Marketing Profile?
How To Reactivate Your Travefy Account
Marketing Profiles: Best Practices For Best SEO Results
Schedule a Call with Travefy Support
How to Change a Trip's Platform
How do I change my password?
Can I still purchase the Starter Plan?
How do I make changes to my Travefy Professional subscription?
Turning off McAfee Web Advisor for
How do I add my logo and contact information?
How do I cancel my Travefy Professional subscription?
Can I display different brands or profiles on my itineraries?
Can Travefy be in RTL format?
Will I lose data and information if I cancel my Travefy subscription?
How to Edit Your Profile
What is Travefy Professional?
Support Hours & Dedicated Webinars and Trainings
Can customers pay me through Travefy?
How Travefy Keeps Your Data Secure
How do I login to my Travefy account?
GDPR Compliance and Travefy
Is Travefy available in other languages?
What extensions are incompatible with Travefy?
How to Disable Two-Factor Authentication in your Travefy Account