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Tourplan: Connecting your account and importing Fastbook/FITs.
Tourplan: Connecting your account and importing Fastbook/FITs.

Learn how to connect your Tourplan account to Travefy and start importing quotes and itineraries.

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Travefy offers an integration with Tourplan HostConnect API to import quotes and itineraries. Travefy's integration only supports Fastbook/FITs in Tourplan.

IMPORTANT: Tourplan users will need to contact Tourplan Support to request having the correct Travefy IP addresses whitelisted before using the integration. Tourplan users can reach out to to request the correct IP addresses to whitelist.

To get started, create a new trip in Travefy and then click "New Event > Booking > Tourplan"

1. Enter The Agent's Tourplan Credentials

In the window that displays, enter your AgentID and Password you have registered with your Tourplan account (the credentials generated in Tourplan for the travel agent login for the specific booking you are wanting to import.)

2. Enter The Tourplan Booking Reference #

3. Preview Your Booking

Review the preview of the booking information imported from Tourplan and then choose "Add to itinerary."

Questions? Contact Travefy's customer support at, or contact your Tourplan support representative.

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