As an additional level of security for your Travefy account, Travefy users have the ability to turn on Two-Factor Authentication.

To see how to turn on this feature you will want to follow these easy steps.

First you will need to click on your menu drop-down and click on Account.

Once on your Account page you will then want to click on the Security tab.

Once on your Security tab you will be able to scroll down to the Two-Factor Authentication section and select the Set Up option.

You will be prompted to enter in your Phone Number and Account Password to start the Two-Factor Authentication setup process.

Once you have entered in this information, a SMS code will be sent to your phone which you will then need to enter back into the window that will open in your Travefy account.

Once you have submitted the code that was sent to your phone you will then be prompted to verify your email with the verification code that was sent to your email address.

You will receive your verification code in an email similar to this.

Once you have verified your email, your Two-Factor Authentication will be all set up for your account!


Once you have gone and set up you Two-Factor authentication you may need to log out and log back in to your Travefy Pro app in order to view all of your trips.

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