To create a Credit Card Authorization Form you will want to complete the following steps:

Go to your Event Library and click on the + New Library Item button.

  • Click on the Form option.

Start to create your Form by giving it a title and add a new question.

  • When selecting the type of question, you will want to choose the Card Authorization option.

If you need to collect your client's CVV number, toggle the Collect CVV option to Yes.

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Once you have selected the Card Authorization option you will then be able to add your own customizable Terms and Conditions.

  • These Terms and Conditions will be agreed upon by your client in order to authorize the use of their payment method.

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To send a credit card authorization form to a client, click the "share" button at the top right. Credit card forms and forms that require electronic signatures must be emailed to the recipient. Links to forms can only be used when a signature is not required.

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