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How to Use Forms for Client Decision Making on Proposals and Quotes
How to Use Forms for Client Decision Making on Proposals and Quotes

Use Forms for a client decision making tool when approving a Proposal.

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With Travefy, you can create branded proposals and quotes and your clients can "Approve" them. If you need your clients to choose from different options within the Proposal, the Forms tool will allow you to customize options for clients to choose from. This FAQ will walk you through how to create a Form and add it to a Proposal or quote.

Step 1: Create the Form

First, you will need to create a Form in your Travefy account to share with your client.

To create a Form, click into your Library and then choose +New Library Item and select Form.

Once you create a new Form, you can title the Form and add your questions. You can use each question as an option for the Proposal. See the example image below for ideas:

Once you have completed the Form, you can click Done Editing and it will be automatically saved to use in your Library.

1. Go to the Form you'd like to add

Find the form in your library, and then click on it as though you were going to edit the form.

2. Click Share

Within the form, click the Share button in the top right corner, next to Preview!

3. Click on Share Form Link With Clients

Click on the little chain links to the right of the link!

4. Go to the Trip you'd like to add the form to

5. Paste the Link

You can paste the link or make it a hyperlink anywhere you'd like in the itinerary!
The Trip Description is a great place for it, as it's one of the first things a traveler will see when they open the Itinerary!

If you have any questions at all, please email us at and we can help!

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