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How to change your Account Email
How to change your Account Email

Learn where you are able to edit the User Email for your Travefy account.

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To change the User Email for your account (the main account email which is used for logging into your account) you will just want to follow these simple steps!

***IMPORTANT NOTE: You are not able to change your account email to an email that has already been used to set up another Travefy account. If that email has already been used for another account that account would need to be removed in order for you to use that email address.***

1. Go to your Account Settings

Click on your name on the top navigation bar, and on the dropdown menu choose Account.

2. Go to your Security settings

Click on the tab labeled Security on the left-hand side.

From there, just click on Update Username!

Once you have updated those changes you will be able be to save and then your account email will be changed.

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