If you are receiving the "Too Many Users" notification banner on your account, this may indicate that you have too many users that are logged into your account at the same time.

This banner can also be triggered by being logged in to your account on different devices at the same time (by the same user) and it can also be triggered by being on different browsers at the same time (by the same user) too. If this is the case, to continue using your account, simply click "OK" and this will log you out of your other devices and remove the alert window.

Additionally, you can always Add Team Members to your team if additional planning seats / licenses are required.
Learn more about Travefy's Plans here

To help with removing this notification banner from your account you have the option of doing a Forced Logout which will logout of all your accounts active sessions.
To do a Forced Logout for your Account you can follow these quick steps listed below!

1. Go to the drop down menu in your account and select the Account option.

2. On your Account page you will then want to select the Security Tab.

3. Once on the Security tab you will want to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Log Out of All Sessions button. This will do the Forced Logout of all sessions on your account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will want to wait at least 5 Minutes before attempting to log back into your account to make sure that all sessions have been properly logged out of on your account.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Travefy Support team is able to assist with doing a Forced Logout through our system as well so if you would need further assistance with this please reach out to our team at Professional@Travefy.com.

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