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Website URL Slugs Explained
Website URL Slugs Explained
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You can edit the URL "slug" for each page on your website.

What is a "slug"?

Why are they important?

  • A slug can be useful to both people and search engines like Google. In the above example, if you were to search for "itinerary management", Google, Bing, and other search engines can use this information to help determine what the page is about and be more likely to serve this page in their search results. A good slug can also improve a user's experience by describing what a page is about.

To edit a URL slug in Travefy's website builder, go to your webpage's main editor.

You can then create the slug for the page you are editing.

To navigate between pages and create additional pages, use the menu at the top left of the website builder.

Travefy - Google Chrome 2021-12-17 at 10.15.44 AM

If you are using the default URL beginning with "", there will be a string of numbers and letters to help keep the page URL unique and to help our system keep track of where your website is in our system.

dde283d5-3bbe-422d-af95-9148a3e88f7e (806×715) - Google Chrome 2021-12-17 at 2.20.40 PM

You can get rid of this by taking advantage of our domain masking feature which will allow you to use your own domain.

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