With Travefy's website builder, you can create additional pages.

To do this, click the dropdown menu at the top of the website builder. Here you can navigate between pages you've already created or choose to create a new page.

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These additional pages will have all of the same functionality as your main homepage. You could use them to showcase something like a niche that your business provides travelers or create landing pages for each of the agents on your team.

You can customize the URL "slug" by following these directions. Note: each team is allowed one domain. So that part of your team's website will remain the same for each page you create.


Admin: Full access to all of the website builder's features.

Organizer: Can edit and create pages for the team's website. All of the same permissions as the admin except that they can not access or edit the domain masking feature.

Team member: Can create new pages or copy existing pages. Team members can also edit pages they have created or copied. Team members can't edit pages that were not created or copied by them.

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