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Lemax Integration General FAQ
Lemax Integration General FAQ
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Lemax users have the ability to push reservations they've made using Lemax into their Travefy itineraries.

To enable this feature in Lemax, you can reach out to the Lemax team at to turn on the integration on the back-end. Note: You must be on Lemax version 5.0 to use the Travefy integration.

Once enabled, start by selecting "New reservation from template".

After you select "new reservation from template", a modal will pop up where you can enter the details about what you're exporting to Travefy.

After clicking OK, the following screen will appear where you can view the various events you've planned for your clients.

Next, click "Automatic Actions" at the top of your screen.

Make sure the box labeled "Send Itinerary to Travefy" is checked.

The way Lemax has set things up is that when a user is inactive for 1 minute, the system will push the changes to Travefy.

You can verify that these reservations have been exported by going to the "Custom Fields" tab.

If you notice the Travefy box is not checked on the "Custom Fields" page, you can refresh the page by toggling between the "Activity" tab and the "Custom Fields" tab. Once the "Itinerary sent to Travefy" box is checked, you're all set. You can view the resulting itinerary by going to Travefy or going to the URL in the "Travefy Itinerary URL" field seen above.

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