You can add general trip information by clicking on "Trip Information & Documents"  at the top of the list of days in the itinerary builder to access the trip information section.

This area is designed to include any trip information or documents for your clients. You can add information by pressing the button "+New Information Item." You can create a new item for each piece of information. 

You can add titles, notes, attachments, images, as well as any saved Library Content. You can also add any saved Library events to this section, but If you drag-and-drop an event that is not an Info event (i.e. flight, cruises, activity, etc.) it will be automatically converted to an "Info" event.

If you decide to leave the Trip Information & Documents section blank, it will not appear for your clients at all. 

Please note:
If you have trips that you have created before this release (3/3/2017), you and your clients will need to update the Travefy Pro and Trip Plans mobile app for Trip Information & Documents to appear itineraries. 

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