You can share library items with other Travefy users. You can also copy library items others have created to use in your own account.

To share a library item or multiple library items, head to the Library.

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Next, click the item you want to share. Then while viewing the library item, click "Share". You'll want to make sure the "Allow copy to Library" option is selected.

If you select "Include in Search", this will enable any items you share to be found via search engines (such as Google) and within Travefy's system as part of future enhancements to the Travefy platform. Currently though, only users you share library items with (or who have the unique URL that is generated when sharing content), will be able to view your shared library item(s).

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Click the paperclip icon to copy the link, then share that link by email, social media, text, on your website, or wherever you can copy a link to.

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Once that link is clicked on by a Travefy user, a page that looks similar to this will appear. This will allow them to copy the library item.

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Sharing Multiple Library Items At The Same Time

To share multiple library items at the same time or to create a "Library Pack", first create a multi-event with all of the library items you want to share.

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You can then click "Share" and repeat the steps from above.

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Common Questions Related To Sharing Library Items

Will people need to be signed in to view shared content and copy items into their library?

  • No. Without an account, you will still be able to preview the library items that are being shared. To copy the items into account, you would first need an active account or a trial account.

How can I find copied content in my library?

Which type of library items can I share?

  • Events

  • Ideas (aka places)

  • Forms

  • Multi-Events (aka Days)

What happens if I delete a library item I've shared?

  • The link will no longer work if anyone has access to it.

  • That item will no longer be sharable.

  • Items that have already been copied to others' accounts will remain in their library unless they delete them.

What's the best way to organize my library?

How do I contact the original creator of shared content?

  • There's a "Contact" button on the same page you'll use to copy the item to your library.

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