A "Status" is a way to organize your itineraries. Examples of statuses are "Quotes, Confirmed, and Paid". 

How to set up a status on an itinerary:
To set a status on an itinerary, you can click on the itinerary and on the right-hand side you can choose the status by pressing on the current status and a drop-down will appear with your status options.

Please note: You may only set one status per itinerary. 

How to add new and customized statuses:
You can have up to 7 different status options. We automatically give you the status of "Quote", "Confirmed", and "Paid", however, you can edit these to your own status name. To do this, press "Edit" next to "FILTER BY STATUS", then you can edit the name and add more statuses. 

If you would like to delete a status, simply press the red icon on the left of the status name.

How to view itineraries in each Status:
Similar to filtering itineraries by date, you can also press on the Status and view all of the itineraries in that status. When you update the status of an itinerary you will be able to view that itinerary in the given status filter. 

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