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Problems importing booking confirmation emails? Check out these tips!
Problems importing booking confirmation emails? Check out these tips!

If you have issues importing a booking confirmation email from a supplier, check out these tips!

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Travefy's booking confirmation email works for importing reservations that were booked directly with airlines, hotels or car rental companies.

Please note: The booking confirmation email import does not work with wholesalers, complicated FIT itineraries or supplier PDF documents.

When you forward a booking confirmation email to Travefy, the process typically takes only two to three minutes. 

Once you email the booking confirmation to Travefy, you will see a yellow notification box appear within the itinerary.  This lets you know where Travefy is at in the process of uploading and  you can view what confirmation is being processed by simply pressing or clicking on the notification. 

If your booking confirmation email is not recognized as a supported supplier and is not able to be imported, you will receive an in-app notification and an email notification to the email address registered with Travefy. 

If your booking confirmation import isn't successful, here are a few tips to try before manually adding the information yourself:

1. Make Sure You're Forwarding the Original Confirmation from the Vendor

Many original booking confirmations from the vendor will parse, but they rely on the certain characteristics of the email like the subject, formatting, keywords, etc. to recognize the vendor.

View all 1,500+ supported suppliers here.

2. Make Sure Your Email Includes the Correct Information

Make sure that you are forwarding the original booking confirmation email from the supported supplier. Our automatic processing can only read richly formatted text within an email. Double check that your booking confirmation emails aren't just receipts, invoices, or quotes. Everything needs to be in the email to be imported.

Note: PDF's, documents and quotes are NOT currently supported

A full address for the place needs to be included in the confirmation in order to pull in the place information as well. 

3. Try Using Our Quick-Add Tools

Travefy offers an easy tool to look up flights, cruises, and hotels.  This tool will add the flight, cruise, or hotel information directly and quickly to your itinerary. Click here to see how that works. To view what tour suppliers Travefy works with, click here.

4. Import via ClientBase CRM

Travefy works with both ClientBase Online and Windows. With this integration you can import ResCards via LiveConnect.  For setup details and instructions on how this integration works, click here.

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