Many of our users use GoDaddy as their choice to host the domain they want to use with their Travefy-built site.

When you log in to GoDaddy, you'll want to get to the area that allows you to "manage zones" in your DNS settings.

At the top right of the homepage, click your name once you're logged in.

Assuming you've already purchased a domain, there should be an area that looks like this. Click the button that says "DNS". If you haven't yet purchased a domain, do that first (link).

If the travefy website you're building will be your primary website (you don't have any other websites attached to this domain), you can set up your records as shown below.

Add an A Record pointing to Use the "@" symbol for the Name field.

Add a CNAME Record pointing to your domain. As shown below you'll want to format it like this: "" (do not put www in the data field). In the "Name" field to the left of the data field, enter "www".

Final step: make sure there is just one A record pointing to Delete all other A records. If you can't delete them, GoDaddy support should be able to help.

If you haven't already inside your Travefy account, click your name -> account -> setting -> set up custom domain or "change domain".

Click Save Domain

There's a button on the next screen that will let you test if you set up your domain masking properly.

Finally, wait 24 hours to allow Travefy and GoDaddy to sync up. You might notice some odd messages or behavior before that 24 hours is up. Contact us after if it's still not working.

Option if your main website is built outside of Travefy

If your primary website is built outside of Travefy, and you're just using the website builder to create "landing pages", you can still use the domain masking feature. The setup is slightly different though.

Instead of creating an A record and a CNAME record for the "www" variant of your domain, you'll add a single CNAME record like this.

#1. Select the option that says that you already have a website in your Travefy account settings. Click Save Domain.

#2. You'll then see a page like this where you can copy a value you need in GoDaddy.

Copy the dnc-......... value and paste that into the value field in GoDaddy. In the "Name" field, type "trips". Add the record. Again, wait 24 hours and everything should be working.

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