We do have a feature available to create more than one profile so that you can display different brands and contact information on different itineraries that you create in your account. 

Here is an example of what different Profiles look like on Travefy:

This feature is currently in beta. If interested in trying it out contact us at professional@travefy.com and we can turn the feature on for you. 

If you have the features available, please see below for steps on displaying different profiles. 

Creating a new profile:

1. First, click on Your Profile at the top of your dashboard. 

2. In the Profile area, you will now see to the left of Profile a drop down menu where you can add and create up to five different Profiles.

Please note: Your name and login email will always remain the same on every itinerary. 

*Click here to view how to assign a profile to an itinerary.

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