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How to Hide Website Pages
How to Hide Website Pages

Learn how to change a website page's visibility

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(For how to Delete Website Pages, click here)

Travefy’s website builder enables users to make a published page visible or hidden from public view. A visible page means that page is publicly visible to anyone with the URL. However, a hidden page indicates that the page is not accessible.

You can change a website page's visibility, allowing you to hide pages still in development, and make them visible again once changes are finished!

How to check if a website page is visible:

Click on the website page drop-down on the top of the screen. From there, any page that is visible will have the eye icon next to it. Note that the visibility icon will not show if the page has never been published.

How to change a website page's visibility:

To hide website page or make one visible after it has been published, select the page you would like to edit from the website page drop down. Next, go to the edit panel on that page and scroll down to Visibility (note that the Visibility toggle will not display if the page has never been published). By default, published pages will be set to visible.

To hide the page from being publicly accessible from your website, simply click on Hidden and hit the Save button to save changes.

Once the page is hidden, the visibility icon will update in the drop down.

If someone tries to view a hidden website page, they will receive a Page Not Found error page. However, once the page is marked as visible, they will be able to return to the page.

Additionally, if you Hide your home page, someone trying to reach your website will receive a Page Not Found error page. However, if you have any other website pages that are not marked as hidden, someone with the direct website URL for that specific page will still be able to access it.

For Teams:

If you try to hide a page that you are not the admin or organizer of, you will not be able to save changes to a page. However, team admins / organizers are able to hide any page, including those for other team members.

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