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How to Delete Website Pages
How to Delete Website Pages

Learn how to delete website pages

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(For how to Hide a Website Page, click here)

How can I delete a website page?

To delete a website page, select the page that you would like to delete from the website page drop down menu:

Next, select Edit Page and click on the “...” button next to Save and click Delete Page.

A warning message with a countdown will then appear in case you need to undo the delete. Once you delete the page, it will no longer be available in the website builder nor publicly accessible on your website.

If you try to delete your homepage but have other website pages that have not been deleted, you will be asked to select another page as your new home page. If you select “Skip and Delete”, a “Not Found” page will display in its place for any user trying to access your home page. However, users will still be able to navigate to other website pages that have not been deleted if they have the specific website URL for those page(s).

If you delete your homepage and do not have any other website pages, you will then have the option to create a new website and apply a new theme.

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