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How to Create/Edit a Task
How to Create/Edit a Task

Creating and Editing Tasks in Travefy

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Tasks can be created in Travefy in several different areas!

Users can create a task:

  • When working on a trip, by opening the trip panel

  • By clicking on the tasks icon in the top right corner of your Travefy account and adding a task from the dropdown menu

  • When viewing a contact

  • When viewing all tasks on the Tasks Page

Let's get started!

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How to Add a Task While Working on a Trip

1. Open the Trip Sidebar

Clicking on the trip will open the Trip Sidebar.

2. Go to Tasks and Automations

Click on the Tasks and Automations Tab to open the Task Menu.

3. Click on Type to Add Task

Clicking on + Type to add a task will allow you to begin typing the task description. Clicking the check mark in the bottom right of the task or hitting Enter on your keyboard will save that task.

Clicking on the arrows will expand the task view to add more information to a task - such as to add a reminder, apply an automatic due date, add notes on the task, etc.

How to Add a Task from The Tasks Icon

To create a new task, click on the tasks icon in the top right corner of your Travefy account.

A menu will then open showing a list of due tasks, with those that are overdue appearing first.

To add a task from this menu, simply click on + Type to add a task.

Adding a Task in a Contact Profile

To add a task to a contact, go to Contacts and click on the contact you would like to add the task to. When you open the contact, click on + Type to add a task. From there, any tasks you add will be automatically assigned to that contact.

Adding a Task from the Tasks page

To get to the tasks page, click on the task icon next to your name and then on View All Tasks. From there you can view all of the tasks you've created, as well as add more.

Clicking on + New Task in the top left corner will open the menu to make a new task.

How to Edit a Task

To edit a task, simply click on the task that you would like to edit. This will then open either an editing panel or window where you can edit the task.

From there, you can edit any of the properties in the task (such as the date, time, notes, etc.) by clicking on that field and making the desired changes.

To delete or duplicate a task, click on the More button just left of Done, and the options for Delete and Duplicate will appear.

To edit a task due date or, simply click on the date field in the task. Clicking on the remove button will remove the task date or time.

Clicking on the date or time field will enable you to change the date or time.

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